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GLP – The Sun Sets

14 Aug

by Terence Chew

The sun sets beautifully as the day comes to an end, a scenic view for appreciating the fruitful day that went by. Similarly, as GLP drew to a close, here’s to consolidating some of our experiences and growth that were wrapped up in our last week.


Growth as friends: bonded through experiences, collaborations and challenges.

Despite many, many competitions posted to us, we never failed to help each other out and to seek opportunities for collaboration. It is indeed rare to be part of such a diverse group that truly looks out for one another; better united than divided.


Growth as game designers: game design, user experience, understanding and applying game mechanics and dynamics. Also not to mention, Starcraft.

We thought fun games were easy to make. Yet, what we thought was fun may not have ended up being fun when others play it. Through trial testing each other’s games, we certainly learned much from them and from our insightful instructor, Philip Tan.


Growth as sketchers: learning to draw without holding back

Thanks to plenty of encouragement from our instructor Sam Magee, many of us learned to draw more boldly and to use our hands to convey what we see – 3D to 2D. From pencil to charcoal to ink, from the dome exterior to the dome interior to the panoramic sketch of Charles River, we grew comfortable and confident in drawing.


Growth as independent individuals: living abroad for 10 weeks

Cravings for Asian cuisine, handling household chores, long distance Skype calls and sending postcards are just some of the things that remind us of home. We are learning so much and having so much fun but our hearts still yearns for home. Great living and learning experience.


Growth in ceramics: learning the delicate skills behind ceramics and some life skills

Ceramics taught us more than its techniques. We learned patience from failures. We learned to take control gracefully when things go out of hand. We learned to feel.  We learned so much from the master potter Jay, he’s really the best – his ever-so-graceful demos and sincere attention gave us dramatic improvement in ceramics. It was all ~ good good ~

I will certainly miss…


… waking up to the wonderful view of the Charles River right in front of me.


… the feeling that you can create anything, here at MIT

2013-07-16 20.30.34

… the extensive libraries

2013-07-13 20.43.12-1

… the seafood

… the endless possibilities

The list goes on…

Also, we must thank…


… our meticulously caring and helpful MIT hosts! Also, our heartfelt gratitude to everyone both at SUTD and MIT, for making this experience possible for the 28 of us. We have truly learned so much, some inspiring experiences, some life-changing even. The experience has definitely enriched us.

But alas, it’s time to return home!