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IDC Robocon – A photo recap

11 Aug

By Zuda Ng

A quick photo recap of my days in Brazil!

Day 0

Our Hotel Room

Day 1

Amazing Park in USP
With my teammate

Day 2

The Cafeteria’s Food! Standard meal (Rice + Beans + Salad/Vegetables + Meat + Fruit/ Dessert + Drinks)

Day 5

First night we ventured into the vibrancy of Sao Paulo!
Friendly Subway attendant that brought us to the main avenue.
First hand experience at the very nice and expensive Rubaiyat! But the experience was really awesome! Worth every single centavos!
The snack hut with interesting local delights!

Day 6

Street Market of Sao Paulo
Meat and Cheese filling! What more to ask for!
Road Side stall that sells “Chicken Rice” and “Sashimi”
Paulista Avenue
Paulista Avenue Pedestrian walkway!
Ibirapuera Park Monument
The Lake near the entrance!
Duckling Swan Geese spotted!
Space Observatory Museum in the park
Incredible performance by the carnival performers!
Jaw-Dropping Stunt! Head-stand!
Obelisk like structure near the park
Auditorium in the park
Entrance to the Auditorium
Skaters Haven in the park
Best Soda Ever! Guarana!
Lip Smacking Burger!

Day 11

Chilling out and experience how local enjoy their football games! (Sao Paulo vs Corinthians)

Day 12

Final Group photo
Competition Ground
Ramen at the Japan Festival
Churrasco (Grilled Meat) @ Fago Da Chao
My own interpretation of the word! (Japan Festival)
Touching down!!!
Souvenirs from friends in Brazil!