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Top 10 Things to do on a Weekend in Boston

12 Aug

by Edward Tiong


Greyhound down to New York City Don’t worry if you get there late, Times Square doesnt close till past 2am.


Make your way to Wrentham Premier Outlets You’re going to save a whole lot of money with all the crazy sales! That’s right, but you’ll probably spend more than what you’ll save.


Skydive with MIT Skydiving Club Some got a taste of heaven, some got a taste of their vomit. Every experience is different.


Hike the White Mountains with MITOC Do the challenging route, It’ll be a hell of an experience, but hey, no pain no gain.


Visit Slocum’s Farm Slocum is actually an MIT professor, not a place or company or tourist spot. An eye-opening experience living with a family that is self-sustainable. Well almost.


Kayak the Charles River This actually only takes a morning, you can spend the rest of the weekend at CambridgeSide Galleria, Neptune Oyster, Muddy Charles, Museum of Science…


Shop Online You’ll be surprised how addictive this can be with Free Shipping, promo codes, free gifts, summer sale.. The satisfying part is when you receive your package at the front desk – feels like Christmas all-year-round.


Ride 6 Flags The fastest legal way to get HIGH and low.. The thrill is 6 Escape Theme Parks and 2 USS packed in one day. Not for the faint-hearted.


Self-Hackathon Coop yourself up in your dorm and hack away the weekend. You might just create your own startup in 54 hours.


Sleep Its been a rough week.