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Last Week of GLP

11 Aug

by Olivia Seow

Everything’s drawing to a close. Go-Karts have been raced (gold kart got first place — by the margins of human error (0.01s)!) and ceramics glazed.






More than anything. I’m really thankful to have been given this opportunity. The folk at SUTD (upper management & GLP in-charges, etc), Jon, Kate, and Varsha have put in so much effort into making this a worthwhile experience. Even though we’re the guinea pigs of this exchange program, I’d say it was a good run 🙂

Juniors, if you ever have the chance to meet the following people, give them lots of love ‘cause they are AWESOME!

Charles G – he was in charge of the go-kart challenge. He knows all the nuts and bolts about making absolutely anything and is really generous with his skills and knowledge. I am super inspired by him.

Dara – she’s really passionate about education, and she’s the to-go person if you’re interested in engaging others to dream big and change the world through technology & design.

Jay – MASTER POTTER >> changes lumps of clay into beautiful works of art. He’s a super cool dude with a spark of energy about him! He was also really supportive of my project (the Easy Ring), and helped me model the rings — hoorah!

Jennifer – our writing instructor; this lady knows her stuff. She was genuinely interested in guiding us, helping us mould our writing to become pieces we can be proud of 🙂 Do look for her if you want any extra help with your own writing too, you’ll be amazed at how she can open your eyes to your own writing.

Certainly, the list does not end here. At Global Leadership Programme (GLP), we were lucky to meet so many great people who were generous, insightful, mind-blowingly intelligent yet humble and down-to-earth, whether they be art maestros or start-up wizards. My heart is so full from the brilliance of these folk, and I’m personally compelled to learn, see, and do more!