ALP Journey – Traditional Chinese Culture and Artefacts

9 Sep

By Xin Hua (Theme II: Traditional Chinese Culture and Artefacts)

Photo credits to Amanda and Jessie 

Time flies and ALP has come to an end. Words aren’t enough to share about the journey.. so let’s have the photos to do the “recap”


Week 2: Trip to LiangZhu Museum with the Architecture theme. (strange faces I see.. Even my own theme mates)


Week 5: Visited Ningbo Museum and bid farewell to the “Ningbo-ers”. Some peeps had to say goodbye to their roomies and their “tap-tap” food from ZJU canteen.


Week 8: Cheng Huang Ge. Yes, it was 大师’s theme very first outing with the Masters from the Hangzhou Institute of Arts. (A warm day as summer was approaching.)



Week 8: Wan Song Shu Yuan. We saw many little models in the museum depicting scenes of olden days China and the festivals.



Week 9: Nan Fou Jin She. Pieces of artwork influenced by religion and beliefs..

Bear with me a while more.. More group photos coming up!




Week 9:Pottery Museum at XiXi Wetland. We were very impressed by the work pieces, especially those done by the Master herself (the one in purple). We got to play with clay too, of course with her disciple beside us guiding.



Week 9: Wang Xing Ji Fan Museum. We watched a live demonstration of how fans were made and discovered why an object of such simple use could cost a bomb. Those patterns that you see on the fan’s spines are actually manually carved out one by one. And yes, we each made a fan too.


Week 9: Tian Shi Wei Diao. Our honour to meet this Master (the one in white) who “plays with his life”, his passion for miniature sculpturing is really impressive.

Week 9 onwards: We started working on our products for the final exhibition. There were rejections and changes were made time and again.

Yup, it’s us at work. It was lamp making week. With it came along Arduino and Processing lessons which we later used to input the effects which we could create into our lamps and made short videos.



I forgot to mention that there was a local student, Dan Yan, who joined us since week 9. However, she left us on week 12 to return to her hometown to spend the rest of her summer holiday. Although time spent with her was short but there were times of quality interaction with her.


Soon, 大师 theme starts to get busy with more work, Rhino, photoshop, brochure making and video-making.

We had a photoshoot too. Really thankful for having a group of experts (cameraman, director, translators, actors…) in our theme who puts in the effort to make the theme video a success.

And not forgetting our group photoshoot..


getting ready..


formal shot



getting a little crazier


brought in props


more poses..



So.. we managed to finish the video and brochure just in time for exhibition day!

The project booklet which we worked hard for - my baby #2.

What our theme showcased! A tea set, coasters and cuboid speakers...

plates and my baby #1 - lamps! The desired outcome wasn't achieved with the materials we had but I'm still very pleased to see my Rhino-ed work in reality :)

Asmi the smoker~ Hahahaha.

We had a closure ceremony held at ZiJinGang International hotel. Watched performances and various themes went up stage to present their work. We had YiFan representing our theme.

Presenting to you our theme members!

Zhong Ying, Amanda & Yi Qian

Then we took our mini-group shots! Here's mine - with Zhong Ying and Yi Qian!

╧º─╛╚τ╜≡╫Θ▓·╞╖3 ╧º─╛╚τ╜≡╫Θ▓·╞╖2 ╧º─╛╚τ╜≡╫Θ▓·╞╖1 ╧º─╛╚τ╜≡╫Θ▓·╞╖4

Jessie, Song Pei, Yifan & Liu Yu

Jessie, Song Pei, Yifan and Liu Yu~

╔≤╟·├µ╩╞╫Θ▓·╞╖1 ╔≤╟·├µ╩╞╫Θ▓·╞╖2

Elizabeth, Chin Yih & Asmidah

And finally, Seto, Chin Yih and Asmi! ╓┬╙├└√╚╦╫Θ▓·╞╖1 ╓┬╙├└√╚╦╫Θ▓·╞╖2 ╓┬╙├└√╚╦╫Θ▓·╞╖3

Eileen, Yanzhao & Xin Hua

Then there's Eileen, Yanzhao and Pang~ ╬─╓╩▒≥▒≥╫Θ▓·╞╖1 ╬─╓╩▒≥▒≥╫Θ▓·╞╖2 ╬─╓╩▒≥▒≥╫Θ▓·╞╖3

And here's the very last group shot we've got! Bye Tao Ye~ and Zhao Laoshi~

Let me sum up my ALP experience with “Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him.” — Aldous Huxley.

Initially, we all had expectations for this exchange trip but things weren’t so smooth. We anticipated weeks of being master’s disciples but that didn’t happen. However, we ended up picking up things which we could have learnt in Singapore. After some thoughts, we felt that it wasn’t that bad after all. At least the designs we made had Chinese influence and the people from Hangzhou Institute of Arts planned museum trips to get us exposed to the various Chinese culture and artefacts. I have learnt many valuable lessons from this exchange, one of which is to be more accepting, that way one can learn better.

Really thankful for the opportunity to be on this exchange trip. Our mentors, like friends, were very patient and helpful. They patiently providing guidance to help us achieve better results. Not forgetting the loads of help and care from the local and SUTD staff to help us adapt to the foreign place quickly and comfortably. And of course my friends who made this whole trip a memorable, exciting, and longgggg adventure. This chapter of adventure ends in China, and shall continue in the new term that is starting in a week’s time!

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