IDC Robocon – Day 12 – Competition & Our Departure

10 Aug

By Zuda Ng

Finally, the 12-days event have come to an end (8th of July till 19th of July)!  We have mixed feeling as we were leaving Brazil in lesser than 16 hours! We made ourselves pack most of our belonging and bounties that we have gathered throughout our trip; Chocolates, Havaianas sandals, pastries, key chains, Guarana soda, little gifts from fellow team-members ,etc. We left for USP at around 7:45am on Mr.”Polite-USP-Ambassador” coach!

When we reached USP, we ferried our “Robots” and some handy tools to our competition ground at the Japan-Festival. The entire journey took us close to 45-minutes! Our journey was like a breeze with our Brazilian counterparts who brought us their sensational “Rock-the-bus” Concert! Samba, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, and Country you named it and they can sing it! Impressive enough!!

Everyone is packing before we leave for the competition site
Last team picture in USP


Japanese loves technology! So, it’s not too difficult to associate linkage on why RoBoCon IDC 2013 Final will be held at the Japanese Festival! The venue was a huge Expo with mega indoor-outdoor spaces for any kind of exhibit!

Prominent Japanese brands such as Yamaha, Toyota, Honda, and Mitsubishi  were major sponsors of the event and had booths erected to showcase their latest products to the residents of Sao Paulo.

Festival Venue (Courtesy of Festival do Japão)

In bid to attract a large crowd, our competition course was placed at the prime location of the venue.

Competition Course at FESTIVAL DO JAPÃO
Maintenance Crew Pit Stop

For the Final Face-off, It was divided into 2 stages; the group matches and advance stages.

All the 8 teams were divided into 2 groups of 4 to play between the teams. First and Second Contender from each group will then proceed to the advance stages where Semi-Final and Final will be played to determine the winner of the RoBoCon 2013!

My team in action for match preparation
Major Damage! Wheel fell off our vehicle!!
Team Blue Structural Engineer (Zhixing) is performing a quick fix!

The teams that got through the semi-finals were Green, Orange, Grey and Red.

Dr. Mohan with the Winning Team ! Congrats Ann!

Glenn’s group (Green) faced Grey in the Semi-final and Ann’s group (Red) were up against the Orange! It was a close fight! Both team fought like there was no tomorrow! Grey team beaten the Green while Ann’s group triumphed the Orange and went on to the final! The Reds winning streak didn’t just stop there; they continued their winning spree and were crowned as the champion of RoboCon 2013! (Applause)

Worth mentioning, all the groups completed their objectives of having robots that can complete the entire circuit course!

Before we leave, we took the opportunity to take a photo with the organizer.

SUTD team picture with the organizer.
Robocon IDC 2013 “Family” photo-shoot

Lastly, All RoBoCon 2013 participants!!! (*SUTD Flag For-The-Win!)

After the award-presenting ceremony, we left for our final stop in Brazil! Fogo de Chão!

Fogo de Chão

Fogo de Chão can be loosely translated as “fire-place” (courtesy of Andrei Saito Ramalho) is a top-notch Southern-Brazil Steak House!

The Awards and Certificates Fago De Chao received!

They serve a whooping 15-cuts of meats of chicken, lamb, beef and pork. Each of the 15 variants has their own unique taste and flavor!

Personally, I enjoyed the Bottom Sirloin (Fraldinha in portuguese) the most! The meat was bursting with flavor and juice with the slightest hint of marination! Only the freshest beef made their way to our palate for us to savor this original taste!!! SYOK!!!!

The Gaucho Chefs and me! and their specialty.

To be fair i actually tried all of the meats (sinfully) , most of them were good if not great! Still, Bottom Sirloin was the best! Their Grilled Chicken was worth mentioning too! Crispy outer skin with succulent meat served in bite-size! What else can be more enjoyable!!!! My apology for not taking enough photos ! Too busy optimizing my meal-time!!

Next up was the sharing session. Every country’s participants were to present something about the country they were representing! Be it Psy Gangnam Style for the Korean, Japanese Cosplay , Thais Muay-Thai or the Chinese Tai-chi ! There must be something from every country!

Mega Gangnam Style Exercise from the Koreans!
Thai team is showing us how to do the traditional dance with French and Brazilian Background dancers!
Our Moroccan friend is trying the Japanese Traditional Game.

As for us, we did a brief introduction of Singapore Culture and food heritage as a fore-shadow for RoBoCon 2015 which will be held in Singapore!!

At around 10 pm, we left the party earlier with a heavy heart to catch our flight!

With the staffs that have been supporting and hosting us throughout the RoboCon

After 25 hours and countless “eat-sleep-movie” cycle, we touched down at Changi Airport!! What an experience I had for the past 12 days!!! Thank you SUTD!

Glenn and Jared happily seated on the A380!
Touching down in Changi Airport!

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