GLP – Lobsters, lobsters, lobsters

6 Aug

Even before leaving Singapore, news of the great fresh Boston seafood lobsters reached my ears and my taste buds yearned to experience the freshness of steamed live lobsters.

The search began after arriving at our hotel after touchdown and it did not take long before the search was over.


We found this nearby in a supermarket and although the lobsters were not from Boston itself, it was nonetheless alluring. The smaller lobsters cost 9.99USD/pound (which is really cheap by the way). Thus, I bought my virgin steamed lobster at this supermarket and brought it back to the hotel to feast with my roommates.


After watching a few videos on how to crack open a lobster’s shell with one’s bare hands, we soon began tearing our lobsters apart voraciously. As the meat entered my mouth, my sense of taste burst into euphoria as I tasted Boston’s steamed lobsters for the first time. With every bite of lobster meat, I was launched into a sense of serenity and satiation, thoroughly enjoying the sweet and succulent lobster.

Even we were not to be eluded from the jumbo lobster. Given the grand occasion of Olivia’s birthday (or perfect excuse), we took the chance to feast upon the largest lobster found in the store, a twelve pound crustacean !


Credits to Edward for buying the lobster!

Before I noticed anything else, a pile of empty lobster shells laid before me. Alas, good times don’t last forever, just long enough to keep you yearning for more.

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