IDC Robocon – Day 10 – Last day of preparation

19 Jul

By Jarede (Portuguese) [Jared Ying]

Today was the last day of preparation before our seeding contests tomorrow. Everybody was busy making modifications to their robots. As for my team, we were still troubleshooting the programming of the robot and the boat which does not travel straight.


2013-07-18 17.52.48

I had an inspiration from Tamiya motor cars which I played when I was a kid. The car had rollers in front to keep it from going off track. Hence my team decided to improvise and place rollers in front of the boat to ensure it will travel in a straight line and it turned out to be a good.



After lunch, we came upon these group of students who were doing a promotional video for their project. We decided to take a picture with them in their unique costumes.



The local students told us this ” You haven’t been to Brazil, if you haven’t catch a live soccer match.”. Hence, in the evening they brought us to a local bar at Villa Mandelela to catch a live soccer match between Corinthian FC vs Sao Paulo FC. The area was similar to Holland Village where there were a lot of restaurants and bars along the street. They were all screening soccer matches at the same time also. The people in there were cheering on for their teams to score goals. The atmosphere was good.

2013-07-18 00.18.55

Before I went to bed, I received a message from my Mum. She wanted me to take good care of myself, so in order to ease all her worries I decided to send her this picture (below).


Khalil, our local friend, jokingly said, “I am never wrong. The only time I was wrong was when I thought I was wrong.”. Great thanks to these 2 local friends of ours, Luiz and Khalil who brought us so much fun and for bringing us around Sao Paulo.

Mohan, Luiz, Glenn, Jared, Khalil (right to left)

Mohan, Luiz, Glenn, Jared, Khalil (right to left)

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