IDC Robocon – Day 9 – Consultation Day

17 Jul

by Zuda Ng

As the competition day draws closer and closer, anxious participants and instructors are working hand in hand! Participants were given the opportunity to seek for “help” and “solutions” from the panel . However, things do not come free! Each “solution” offered costs 5-10 Reals depending on the complexity of the problem. The panel was very thoughtful for offering this option. They tried to make the entire RoboCon experience less strenuous as technical difficulties might burn the participants out!

Many did not take the offer (not any groups that i know) as we choose to take this as our “learning” experience. The concern whether our robot worked or not came after that! Oh, did i mention that the panel’s service offered provided “Money Back Guarantee” as well? If their suggestion does not work, you can get a full refund! (we all laughed when they told us that, they themselves too)

Happy Faces! Stress-free!

My stressed teammates!

3 Days to competition!!! We spent the entire day rectifying our robots and doing test runs! There goes my Day 9!!

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