GLP – 28 things that made me smile (Week 1 to 6): A pictorial representation

17 Jul

Hello there! It’s Zi Xiang here. Instead of describing a single event, I’ve chosen to share several of the joys I’ve experienced over the past 6 weeks through a series of photos. While some of these experiences were expected, others were wholly not planned for. More often than not, these unexpected experiences also happened to be the most rewarding and memorable. Enjoy! Listed in no particular sequence:

1)   Deep Dish Pizza @ Uno Chicago Pizza, Boston

2)   Pint-sized Ben and Jerry’s ice cream for under 6 USDIceCream

3) Gloriously sunny Boston weather


4) Constructive and meaningful group discussions @ LeaderShape LeaderShape

5) Our amazingly carefree and talented Architectural Drawing class instructor, Sam Magee


6) Church service @ Park Street Church, BostonChurch

7) Mummy and daddy ducks watching over their little ducklings @ Boston Common


8) What a gentle giant!


9) A rainbow over our dormitory


10) A comedy show @ Improv Asylum, Boston Comedy

11) Hiking Trips with the MIT Outdoor Club @ White Mountains, New Hampshire


12) The blinding lights of Times Square, New YorkTimesSquare

13) Our cozy apartment at the Chinatown area of New YorkNYCRoom

14) Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum @ Manhattan, New YorkIntrepid

15) View of the New York City skyline from aboard a water taxiWaterTaxi

16) Grand Central Terminal @ Manhattan, New YorkGrandCentralTerminal

17) Phantom of the Opera musical @ Majestic Theatre, New YorkPhantom

18) MIT students relaxing in an inflatable pool along the roadside, amidst the sweltering Cambridge heat


19) Posing for a photo with US Army soldiers as they invigilate proceedings at Independence Day celebrations @ Charles River, Cambridge


20) Independence Day fireworks display @  Charles River, CambridgeFireworks

21) Exhilarating roller coaster rides @ Six Flags Theme Park, Springfield, Massachusetts


22) Random, brainless moments with friends


23) A hearty feast at a TGIF outlet after a day at the theme parkTGIF

24) The best frozen yoghurt I’ve ever tasted @ some cafe, BostonFroyo

25)  7 different sauces to choose from at Burger King outlets across the USSauces

26) Having fun with animals @ Slocum Farm


27) Grooving away to club music at the Bastille Day celebration @ Harvard Square


28) Watching a chess genius at work


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