IDC Robocon – Day 5 – Introducing Scorpion King

13 Jul

By Jared Ying



We called it the scorpion king. Everything was made from raw materials. After a week of filing, drilling and cutting with my bare hands, this was the final product. We had to make the wheels too. Initially we faced with many problems like the handler could not fix nicely and the wheels were too small.


We had to build the boat to transport the ball across the 1.5m long river. It is made of the lightest materials we could find. We attached tubes below to increase the buoyancy.

I think the strongest trait that a Singaporean has is the ability to speak at least 2 languages. We are like translators of our own group. We can help our own groups to know each other’s ideas clearly and well.

In the evening, we decided to head to town to have our dinner. We went into the restaurant called Margherita where they sold nice pizzas. After dinner, we took a stroll down the street. There were buskers performing in front of the junction of the road. They would approach motorists for tips.

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