ALP – Week 8 – Coming to a crucial juncture

7 Jul

By Guan Rong

Our group is coming to a crucial juncture now as we are nearing the end of our time in Ningbo, so I just thought I’d do a little summary of what we’ve done and see how far we’ve come! (:

Since week one, we have been working non-stop on generating design ideas (for a fan!). We first started out with coming up with initial designs off the top of our head. Realising it wouldn’t get us anywhere far, we launched into market research.

Market Research

One interesting method we learnt (as shown above) was to search for many many many pictures of related products (fans) on the web and then place them where they belong along two axes determined by us (e.g. how futuristic or how innovative they were) then identifying different customer groups that each cluster appealed to, and choose our target group).

From there, we came up with more concept variants, using skills that we learnt in design 3.007, doing activity diagrams, C-sketches pugh charts and whatnot, on top of other skills that our instructors were introducing to us.

In the long journey since then, we’ve redone our design ideas multiple times, redrew our sketches and reorganized presentations of ideas, reanalyzed the market from different directions, and even threw out every single thing I just mentioned and started from ground 0 again once. However, no pain, no gain. And vice versa! So we also made major improvements!

Here’s some examples of how our presentation skills have improved!

Slides to introduce a design concept:




Slides to summarise points mentioned:















Hahah sometimes I look back at our old designs / presentation slides and am like ohh my goodness so embarrassing. And these slides are only the more visual things that I can give examples for! Other than this, we’ve also come a long way and picked up many skills and trained ourselves in methods of generating good design ideas. We learnt how to source for inspiration, and later tap on these sources of inspiration in many different ways!

In this final week we will be making many huge decisions that will narrow down and finalise much of what we’ve been doing, so we can move on to later stages of prototyping and actually realising our designs! Working hard, working fast, and crossing my fingers hoping for the best!

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