ALP — West Lake Hangzhou

10 Jun

If you come to Hangzhou, you must visit West Lake (西湖).

I visited West Lake every weekend with friends or alone for cycling, eating or just relaxing. West Lake looks different at different times and under different weather conditions.

Summer, sunny day.



Summer, rainy day.


Summer, night.


This weekend, our group decided to go to West Lake together. Firstly, the weather is nice and we could see the whole lake. On the other hand, and it’s also the most important reason, we wanted to eat the famous dish in Lou Wai Lou.

However, we took two taxis and met at a shopping centre, and then the tragedy happened……the low prices and different kinds of clothes aroused people’s desire of shopping, and then the happy afternoon passed quickly at the shopping centre. 😀

Around 7pm, we walked to the restaurant. Along the way, we saw the beautiful scenery of West Lake as it transited from day to night.


After a long walk, everyone was hungry and tired. Food was the best motivation to keep us going. We got to the restaurant while the sky turned dark.

Lotus root with honey.


Other food around West Lake.

7 8 9 10

Performance around West Lake. Unfortunately, we didn’t see it. It was taken by Li Hanwei.


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