Different perspectives of UX life

7 Jun

We have really experienced many things since we started the journey of our ux (user experience) life. There were joy, happiness, excitement and also tiredness in different perspectives of our ux life.

In the IDI, morning

Near the sofa sat 8 guys looking towards the same direction and listening to what teacher was talking. Sometimes we could hear the explanation of some abstract theory and sometimes we could watch some interesting videos talking about consumers’ data related to our topics. To be honest, we could not memorize everything that had been covered but we still had a sense of fulfillment because we were led to a new field which probably we had never set foot in – electronic business. Near the sofa, we have been brought into a new field of knowledge.

In the canteen, noon

We could not resist the temptation to say that the food here is cheap and delicious. It does not mean that everyone in our group likes every kind of food provided in the canteen sometimes some kinds of food were considered salty). However for every member, there must be at least one kind of food he/she thinks is delicious. What is more, at the beginning, most of our members often ate to the extent of more than fullness because a large amount of food was always provided.

In the industry, afternoon

Instead of just sitting in the classroom and learn theoretical knowledge, we had the chance to visit different design industries such as Jubaopen聚宝盆 and Fuda福达.

Entrance of the Jubaopen company


Small interesting design products


IMG_2252 IMG_2251


Companies in collaboration with Jubaopen



Gate of the Fuda company


Companies in collaboration with Fuda


IMG_2336 IMG_2338

IMG_2341 IMG_2339

In the music concert 小剧场,evening

The music concert there was amazing! We were impressed by their wonderful performance. Every chapter could give you different feeling. Only words seem not to be able to describe the wonderful melody 🙂


In the IDI, night & before dawn

Last week’s Friday was indeed our hardest time. We needed to finish a small project before deadline. We decided to work together in the IDI. Outside our room was full of darkness (other people in the IDI had already left and light had been turned off). We were still working there – some members were making video, some were dealing with interview data, some were photoshopping, some were making website etc. When we felt tired, we either sang together – using our own style J or wechat together. Though we were tired, there was still joy.

The busy but happy week has passed. But we believe there will be more wonderful days waiting for us in the future 🙂

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