GLP – Camp Challenge & the journey ahead

31 May

By Allan Chan

(To the 28 students going to MIT:)

I hope all of you had a wonderful time at Camp Challenge. I have to admit it can be scary standing on top of a skinny pole that has space only for your feet. Nothing to hold on to. I had to put my trust in the belayer whom I have not even met! I guess all of you had the same experience as me at Camp Challenge. You put your trust in your friends who were belaying and as belayers, you looked out for your friend, and guided and encouraged him/her. You knew you could not fail your friend because it will hurt him/her. Soon, you will be going to MIT and I really hope you will look out for one another, encourage one another and return to SUTD as leaders.

01 LG5A5927 02 LG5A5846 03 LG5A5840 04 LG5A5848 05 LG5A5931 06 LG5A5946

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