ALP – A place where birds, flowers, and art unite

30 May

By Jessie Tang (Theme 2)

This week our theme works on translating what we have learnt into a product – Paper lamp. We had a few sketching lessons to give us a brief overview of how to generally draw and create better shapes. The assignment was further split into 3 groups each focusing on a particular area. My team worked on creating an interesting lamp using textures (other options includes Paper folding and coloring).


To realize our ideas and concepts, we travelled to 城西花鸟工艺品市场 as suggested by our mentor Tara Tao. It is a place like Bras Basah Complex, selling a lot of art and calligraphy related materials.

A calligraphy shop

As the name also suggests, there are shops selling flowers and animals as well. We merely explored a little of 2nd level before we all settled to buy our materials at the same shop (it was quite big and had everything like Art friend).

Fighting fishes

Our theme used mainly xuan paper, which is widely used in china as the paper for calligraphy. We plan to stack layers of xuan paper together with leaves to make the lamp material thus giving the lamp a new natural texture.

The later part of this week we will be going to Suzhou for a site visit to the Suzhou Museum by I.M. Pei with theme 6.

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