ALP – The half month mark!

26 May

By Noon Teoi (Theme 7 – User Experience Design)

and we’ve survived half a month in Zhejiang!

Time really flies. After a week of settling in, administrative matters and R&R, lessons have officially begun.

All of us have been split into the various themes of our choice before ALP. For theme 7 (User experience), we’ll be creating an e-commerce website at the end of the 15 weeks. As such, our ZJU mentors planned a series of workshops to equip us with the necessary and relevant knowledge and skillsets, ranging from basic photography, alibaba history, sharing of experience during an attachment at tmall (a subsidiary under alibaba group), data analytics introduction, importance of branding and basic photoshop.

While the lessons were technical at times and we even had lapses in understanding technical terms in Mandarin, the lessons were extremely enriching, as we are exposed to various theories and even applied them to the best of our knowledge. Who would ever suspect that was a 手下败将 of taobao, and their advertising tussle lasted for over 4 years?!?

Thursday afternoon, we had an industrial visit to浙江聚宝盆电子商务有限公司,a company which trains its members to set up shops on taobao, and serves as a middle-man supplier for the products range. This is an attractive model as storage space constraints are removed from members, and they need not worry about importing excessive goods nor choosing inferior goods which may not be well received in the market. Even medical and beauty equipment suppliers providing derma rollers and microdermabrasion machines were featured!

We were honoured to have the director of 聚宝盆 specially attend to us, giving us a detailed breakdown of his company during the presentation and also showing us around personally.


Besides that, Hangzhou is famed for her scenic beauty, and what’s best than to experience it personally? Our ZJU mentors also arranged for a few groups to visit 西溪湿地 (Hangzhou Natural Wetland Park) on Wednesday afternoon, and we had a good time exploring the area, even witnessing traditional households.


The ZJU campus is also an equally marvelous sight. We had only explored a small area of the campus, yet multiple good shots were taken and shared during the sharing session on Friday.

For fears of us being homesick, our ZJU mentors even brought us to a SEA-styled eatery near the school campus, where we had delicious Indian, Thai and Western food. The owner is from Malaysia and offered to cook bak kut teh for us in the future. We’ll be back!

We’ve been tasked to create a photoshop template of a website over the weekend, and think of concept(s) for our e-commerce. May the coming week be even more exciting!

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