ALP – Visiting the famous West Lake at the heart of Hangzhou

19 May

By Chia Zhong Ying (Theme 2 – Traditional Crafts and Artifacts Design)

It was a damp, daylight-raining dawn as we boarded our buses to visit the famous West Lake at the heart of Hangzhou.

When we arrived, the bus was like having a constipation of colourful umbrellas as we streamed out, and made our ways to the entrance of west lake. The trip was gradually becoming similar to the Sungei Buloh trip when I suddenly realised the majestic architecture of the traditional Chinese pavilions. For a moment, I felt like I was walking alongside the spirits of the souls that walked through the 12 dynasties this lake witnessed in its lifetime.

Even though I was not using a Canon camera, I still managed to capture this picture of a boat gliding its way underneath a bridge and towards the misty dock, where it would pick up more tourists.


And because I was not using a Canon camera, this photo of the misty lake is rather blur. 😉


Upon leaving West Lake, we travelled to the foot of Wu Shan hill where we window-shopped the entire length of the Hefang old street. What captured me immediately was the low-rise, innocent looking traditional shophouses that looked so vastly different from the towering skyscrapers of Singapore. The peace was disturbed by the occasional sounding of horns from the nearby street as I tried my best to look for something interesting… And I did! Check out this broom. Tell me what you see 🙂


There were also many interesting ‘live’ handicraft demonstrations, but what caught my attention was the wire-bending art which is one of my hobbies.


Not forgetting the hint of western architecture within one of the side streets.


Well, what a long blogpost! Till next time 🙂

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