ALP – Interesting Experiences on Day 3 in Hangzhou

17 May

By Ying Feng

Yesterday, it rained the whole day but we still went ahead with the  programs lined for us which includes touring around Xihu, dining at ZJU Yu Quan Campus and shopping at Hefang Street. Like many others have agreed, Xihu is indeed a scenic place. The place is so beautiful that we can get decent photos easily with just a camera phone. However, it was kind of inconvenient having to carry the umbrella around and clicking away at the same time.


Shopping in Hefang Street feels like shopping along Chinatown. It is actually a tourist attraction site hence the things sold there are a little overpriced. They sell a wide variety of stuff from local snacks to children toys, traditional Chinese costumes to swords and other tourist souvenirs.

Besides the rain, nothing could be worse than having rashes at the same time. Although I don’t think it is very serious as I had it before and all it took was a jab from a doctor in a family clinic to get myself treated, I had to go to ZJU hospital for this. I had to do a blood test, 3 jabs over 3 consecutive days (and each took about 20 minutes), take oral medication and some lotion to apply. I was quite lost as everything was in Chinese and I am not sure what my problem was classified under. Fortunately, Ms Li Dong Xue was there to assist me throughout. However, the main point was not about myself getting rashes but the experience I had in the hospital. Perhaps because it is a school hospital, the  medical services available are quite well-rounded. They provide both Western and Chinese (TCM) medical treatment as well as mental health treatment. And the charges are relatively cheaper compared to Singapore. Probably because I went during the non-peak hours, the waiting time was also shorter than I expected.

Later, in the night, I went to dine in an eatery. Guess what happened in the midst? Two Chinese men sitting at a few tables away from us broke out into a fight and even resorted to throwing glasses at each other. Their friends were busy trying to stop the fight, while both of them continue to curse and shout at each other. I could see that the poor waitresses were quite frightened by it. I am supposed to be frightened by it as well but somehow, although not suppose too, I thought it was kind of an ‘interesting’ experience. Not that I love to watch people fight but it was ‘interesting’ to witness such fights that you would usually see in dramas or movies most of the time.

All I could say that China, at least in Hangzhou, the environment, regulations, lifestyle  etc. are really quite different from that of  Singapore. However, it is from those little things like the visit to the hospital and the fight which I witnessed that I start to understand the place more as well as learn to accept and get myself accustom to the environment here fast.

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