ALP – Own Time Own Target

15 May

By Aaron (Theme 9 – Plant Factory)

With a bright sunny day ahead of us, even half an hour worth of alarms couldn’t hinder me and my awesome roomie from falling back asleep and missing breakfast. While we were snoozing, many of our fellow students have been enjoying themselves jogging around the district and even playing soccer nearby. (Dude, we seriously need to wake up next time. haha)

The day was meant for us to open our own Bank Of China account and settle our new mobile phone numbers. Well let’s just say the queue time was so long in the bank that we ended up playing Monopoly Deal.

The mobile phone packages were awesome though, we could call each other for free. Most of us got data packages too, but some of us (including me) are still having problems connecting to the 3G network, hopefully this problem can be resolved soon.

After everything was settled, a bunch of us set off exploring the area with our mind set on getting to the nearby mall. Once to the main road, we took a left turn and BAM, managed to land ourselves in FurnitureShop Land.

With no sight of the mall after half an hour, we turned back to try the other direction. On the way, we saw this. We were severely amused.


The car is parked there, by the way.

Upon reaching the mall without getting drenched in the rain we did some treasure hunting and we were honored to have found the king of all snacks in Walmart.


Since everything we did was either eating or shopping, I shall spare everyone from the boredom.

However here’s some good information. Do not WALK to Walmart. Simply take the 74 bus from the opposite side of the road directly opposite our hotel. I’m not sure of any other numbers but I only found out about this from my friends when we were going back.

By the way, one of my friends made a mistake and mistook the value of the coins. Annnndddd…..


She paid 20 cents instead of 2 dollars for the bus fare. Take note of the 角 and 元.

After a night of exploring, a bunch of us got to know the neighborhood better. With another full day of sight-seeing and shopping in store for us tomorrow (or in stores, pun intended), I need sleep.

With just over a hundred days to go, I can see that all of us are already adapting to the life here (especially the food). Even though I am still enjoying myself very much during this orientation week, I can’t wait for the starting of our different themes.

One of the mentors in the Plant Factory Theme said this, translated of course : We are all here to learn, enjoy ourselves and experience something different. Do not pressure yourselves to achieve the best outcome or anything, the priority here is to enjoy learning about what you would be doing, that’s all.

I hope everyone will feel the same and enjoy the experiences to come.

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