ALP – Touring Zhejiang University

14 May

By Chun Yong

It never really occurred to me what I would be doing over the next few months here in China. With a hundred or so SUTDents roaming the streets of Zi Jin Gang, it’s hard to imagine that we are overseas at all.

The day started with me being awoken by my roommate at 6am for early breakfast. (Jiehan, you watch out ar, haha)


The room was pretty sweet, and they did manage to cater for over a hundred students and staff, so we are pretty well taken care of. At least until we need to start doing laundry.

After breakfast, we took our first step into Zhejiang University, and man were we amazed at its size! It made us realize how small SUTD really was, and the amount of effort that goes into such an undergraduate programme.

We were brought to a lecture theater for a briefing on H7N9 and more details about the 10 themes we could do as part of the ALP.




Following a few welcome speeches in Chinese and English, we headed for a bus ride around the campus (making our jaws drop even more at its size) and headed for lunch at their cafeteria.


We were given Zhejiang University student cards that will help to pay for our meals over the next few months. For some of us, it was the first time we could only use chopsticks exclusively to eat our food.

After filling our stomachs, we headed to the ZJU IDI (can’t remember what IDI stands for, will put in a later post) to gather in our groups according to the themes we have chosen, and spent the rest of the afternoon settling more administration. Needless to say it was a most arduous task for the people organizing the ALP and hosting us.


We ended off the day with dinner at an on-campus restaurant, and over 10 courses of Chinese dining! Most of the food were new to us, and it was all really foreign to many of us.

It has only been a day, and I am already starting to feel a bit tired by the amount of admin we have to do up and the many changes in the programme and themes pre and post flight from Singapore. But I am at least glad that we are all willing to make this experience a good and memorable one for everyone.

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